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Lesley Neeley, CMT (Noblesville Location)

Lesley opened her first office in 2000, even before graduating from Midwest Academy of Healing Arts in 2001.  Three years later Lesley moved from her beautiful 400 sq ft office on the Danville square to a 1,000 sq ft office across from Hendricks Regional, where she brought on three other therapists to help with client flow while she taught yoga classes & Stretching for Seniors.  Lesley stayed in this location until 2008 (when she moved to Noblesville to take a couple years off from doing bodywork to do physical and occupational therapy for a chronic pain condition and back injury).  

In 2015 Bonni Burrus, owner of Back To You, decided it was time to retire and asked Lesley to continue using her name to care for her existing clients.  This is where the names were combined and Andrew O'neal was brought in to assist with client care.  After a brief stay at Bonni's original location, Lesley and Andrew moved to 111 E. Main Street, also in Brownsburg. 

In October, 2017, Lesley took a personal journey to Katmandu, Nepal where she spent ten weeks teaching Tibetan children English as a second language.  She very much enjoyed sharing her journey through journals, pictures, and blogging. 

Lesley had to step away from doing bodywork in 2018 due to severe early onset of arthritis.  Andrew Oneal took over the Brownsburg location full time while Lesley worked on getting her body well enough to get back to work.  After several surgeries and a lot of physical and occupational therapy, Lesley started attending classes at the Indiana Wellness College to obtain her license in Esthetics.  

Lesley moved to the Noblesville area in 2019 and opened her home office in 2024.  However, she is not taking new clients at this time. To contact Lesley, please call or text her at 317-730-6811.


Andrew Oneal, CMT (Brownsburg location)

Andrew O'Neal is a 2013 graduate of Indiana Therapeutic Massage School. He started studying Ortho-Bionomy in 2015 and has completed the core classes as well as Postural Re-education, Advanced Head and Neck, Exploration of Movement, and Isometrics and Isotonics.  Andrew believes that relaxation is the first step towards healing. He employs Ortho-Bionomy, a gentle positional release therapy that works with the body's self-healing proprioceptive nervous system, in addition to warm bamboo therapy to achieve relaxation and therapeutic results. He has practiced meditation, yoga and other self-care modalities for over a decade and enjoys sharing them with his clients. In his spare time he enjoys hiking with his wife and two big dogs. 

Andrew took over the Brownsburg location of Back to You and Living Better, effective January 2018.  His location is now Back to You Living Better.


To contact Andrew call 317-437-3942 or click the link above to get scheduled in Brownsburg.

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