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"I am a physical therapist that was looking for a good practioner to schedule a craniosacral treatment. Ms. Neeley was so good, she eliminated my symptoms completely. I just booked another appointment just for the luxury of a massage as I don't really have anymore symptoms!"  Dawn

"I have been seeing Lesley for nearly two years now and she is by far the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. She is friendly and my aches and pains are alway better after each visit!"  Emily

"Lesley is a great massage therapist! I have seen her multiple times and I always come away feeling much better. She is great at making the client her priority and making the massage exactly what you need for that visit!"  Cheryl

"Massage doesn't just help tense muscles, achy joints, and headaches - it releases so much more such as endorphins, your bodys natural serotonin, and toxins that are held deep in your body - it also can help sinus pressure, migranes, and even depression and anxiety. The best massage therapists, such as Lesley Neeley, practice meditation and balance of the mind body and spirit. Lesley brings a whole new perspective into the history of massage and modern pain management." Namaste, Heather (Medical Assistant)

"Ahhh, finally a massage that I look forward to getting again...and again!! Lesley was so calm and relaxed and it made me feel that way too! Her work was amazing! She explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it! I felt great afterward too!! Can't wait to go back!"  Elizabeth

"I had a couple of massages in my life, and I didn't like them. But I decided to give it one more try. IT FELT GREAT! I was so relaxed, and I look forward to pampering myself again in the future." Natalie

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